January 14th, 2020
Two Winners!

A lovely photo of two of our members: Lori Van Hove, the winner of the 2019 San Clemente Women's Golf Club President's Cup, with Cindy Schumacher, the winner of the 2019 San Juan Hills Women's Golf Association's President's Cup!

Congratulations to both of you!

The San Clemente Invitational, October 29th 2019

Hello Ladies,
   What an event!! I received a ton of compliments from you Members, and even more from our guests. I say to all, “San Clemente Women’s Golf Club is small in quantity, but super huge in quality”! One town, one Team. A lot of work as Chairperson, but I would do it again, only because of all of you and your support.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to:

  • Lori Van Hove and Betty Grant for their insightfulness in creating the correct Score Cards for this massive event. And figuring the payouts.

  • My Co-Captain, Violet McMahon. She handled her duties like the pro she is.

  • Our Club Treasurer, Cindy Schumacher, who handled the ins and outs of all the Invitational funds very professionally.

  • And thanks to Vi and Sharon English for greeting the golfers, and organizing the loading of the bags onto the golf carts. A little chaotic but they did it. Both of them begged me to let them have the same job in 2021!
  • Lucy Case and Lynn Marks, as always, an excellent job checking in the ladies. Can get hectic, but you persevered.

  • Thank you Karen Cronk for seeing that there was a bottled water for each of the golfer girls.

  • Raffle Sales were a huge success because of Veronica Knippler and Gene Lesky. Thank you, my friends.

  • Joanne Pollard for a terrific job with the Haunted House Café. The ladies raved about the food and, of course, the Bloody Mary’s & Mimosas.

  • I know our guests enjoyed the Breakfast Burritos. Thank you Connie Weingart for delivering them.

  • Don’t know of anyone who can decorate a bathroom better than our own Vickie Mierau. Even with those dimples and her sweetness, she made it so very scary! Guess Vickie has a “dark” side.

  • Nancy Webster and Andree Alexander for their creative and so much fun decorations on the golf course. Great job!

  • Our beloved Mary Jo Conrad for securing 19 Sponsors. Sure helps finance a successful golf tournament. Thanks for guarding the signs!

  • Thanks to my helpers, Marianne McAuley and Veronica Knippler, we were able to provide the ladies with a wonderful Tee Prize. I received much praise for the Cross-body Purses.

  • The Raffle Tree and set-up was perfect, thanks to Linda Burnside. Appreciate your time and effort!

  • Our, now long-gone Haunted House Centerpieces were such a hit. Thank you Marianne McAuley and Jan Okun. The tables looked fabulous!

  • Our ace caterer always comes through. Thank you for the delicious desserts, Dawn Day.

   Don’t think because your name was not mentioned in the above that I don’t have all the appreciation in the world for you wonderful ladies, because I truly do! I know that each and every one of you contributed to this year’s Invitational Tournament. You donated food, money, a Sponsorship, decorations, time, and tremendous support. No way could this event have been such a huge success without all of you. I take much pride in the role of the Invitational Chairperson, and it is due to our wonderful Women’s Golf Club members.

Now enjoy the attached Smilebox. Think it will make you smile!

Hugs, Kathy Clark, Invitational Chair

President’s Cup - September 2019

Our President's Cup is a four- day match play competition, open to all members. The last round was played on September 24th.

The Club members waited impatiently at the 18th Green to cheer on the foursome comprising of the final two competitors for the Cup, and the final two for the Consolation Bracket. We were rewarded with four excellent shots onto the green, followed by four great putts!

Many congratulations to our new President's Cup Winner, Lori Van Hove, with Karen Yoshihara (a determined competitor!) as our Runner Up. Well done both of you!

The Consolation Bracket was hard fought too and was won by Marianne McAuley with Cindy Schumacher as the deserving Runner Up. Congratulations ladies!

The President's Cup is a super Club Event. Congratulations to all the members who participated. We all celebrated afterwards in the Clubhouse with warmth, good cheer, and just little champagne! Cheers!

President's Cup Winner, Lori Van Hove, with Karen Yoshihara, Runner UP

Consolation-Bracket-Winner, Marianne-McAuley and Runner up, Cindy Schumacher

2020 President's-Cup-Champion, Lori Van Hove

2020 Consolation-Bracket-Winner, Marianne McAuley

Winning Chip!


June 2019 – SCWGC Championship

Yet another exciting Club Championship! The final round of the grueling 3-day gross event took place on June 18th. Our Championship Flight comprised of Andree Alexander, a new member this year, Kate Nielsen, our Runner Up last year, Lori Van Hove, our reigning Champion and Tomoko Kim who came 3rd last year. A very competitive field!

Our Club members gathered at the 18th hole to cheer our Fab Four in! The final hole decided the match with Tomoko managed to win by one stroke over Lori, and Kate a close 3rd. What a fantastic win! Congratulations Tomoko, we are very proud of you, our new Champion!

Of course, you can’t have a winner without competition and our congratulations go to Lori for maintaining such a high standard of play year after year, to Kate for continuing to improve each year, and for Andree who is clearly a strong competitor!

    Many congratulations too, to our Flight Winners and Runners Up:
  • 2nd Flight Winner: Karen Yoshihara. 2nd Flight Runner Up: Cindy Katz
  • 3rd Flight Winner: Lucy Case. 3rd Flight Runner Up: Connie Weingart
  • 4th Flight Winner: Veronica Knippler. 4th Flight Runner Up: Kathy Clark

To all who participated – congratulations! It’s a tough competition and takes perseverance and effort to compete and complete!

A final note: It was delightful to hear Tomoko, Lori, Kate and Andree comment after the match. Having played all three weeks together, they were so complementary of each other, the atmosphere, the joy of playing together, their warm feelings about this wonderful Club, and the beautiful course.

What a perfect Championship


December 2018

  Christmas Celebrations December, 2018  

The weather was perfect for a super Christmas Shamble, followed by a wonderful Christmas luncheon! Our thanks to Linda Healion, Karen Yoshihara and Charbe Benvenuto for organizing and scoring such a fun event, full of different instructions for each hole and yet somehow, managed to make it quite easy to follow! (Some of us are not so good with instructions!) Lots of opportunities to win along the way!

As for the luncheon; not only was the food delicious and the service excellent, the room was full of laughter, warmth and goodwill. All the credit for the luncheon goes to Joanne Pollard and Kathy Clark, who with many other members, created the ambiance of the day. The decorations were delightful, the game inventive, and the prizes thoughtful. Our thanks also go to Dawn Day for the delicious desserts and super Birthday Cake for Doris Rinehart’s 90 Birthday celebrations!

A special thank you to our own Mrs. Claus, Linda Reagan, who started the day serving us coffee (and other offerings) and helped throughout the event. And our thanks to the Wedgewood staff who made the day effortless.

Below are some photos to give us a memory of a grand day out, and a fitting end of year celebration!

 Ready to Party! 

 Beautiful Table! 
Happy 90th Birthday Doris!!

 Happy 90th Doris! 


October 2018

The 2019 President's Cup
It was a beautiful day in San Clemente, perfect for the final round of a four day competition! Our congratulations go to Lynn Marks, our new 2019 President's Cup Champion, and to the valiant Runner Up, Cindy Schumacher. A great match between two lovely ladies, competing for the President's Cup with good spirit, friendly competition and warm hearts! It was a close match, and although both Lynn and Cindy made excellent approach shots onto the 18th green and then both made their putts, Lynn had already achieved victory. A final hole worthy of you both!

In the Consolation Bracket, another hard fought victory went to Kathy Clark over the Runner Up, Sonia Shalhub. Congratulations to Kathy, and well played both of you!


August 2018

Our second year of holding a Combo event with the Nine Tees Club! What a fun day as our foursomes were a mix of both Club members. It's a wonderful way to play golf; getting to know others, playing as a team, and thoroughly enjoying each others company!

Our thanks to Linda Healion and Becky Farrow for all their hard work, organizing the foursomes, the cards, the game, the delicious lunch afterwards, and the super photos, making the day easy and memorable for us! And cheers to Jane Treadwell for again, opening her home to everyone for the party afterwards.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this super day!

CLICK HERE to see our photos!

June 2018 SCWGC Championship

What a thrilling Club Championship! Our Championship is a 3-day gross event, and after the first 2 days, we were in the exciting position of our top 4 players going into the third round lying within 3 strokes of each other!

Our wonderful final four, Tomoko Kim, Karen Cronk, Kate Nielsen and Lori Van Hove (the reigning Champion) fought to the last hole. Coming to the 18th tee, Lori was 3 strokes up over Kate. However, her drive went into the sand, her next 2 shots were short, her 4th sailed over the green, her 5th now a long steeply downhill putt from the fringe, which she left short. She ran that shot way past the hole, leaving a long come back up the slope. If she makes it she wins ………………….did she make it? …………………….. She did, to win by one! Phew! As Lori said ruefully afterwards, everyone has a bad hole occasionally, but hers was at the final hole, with the whole Club watching! Stressful for both Lori and Kate, but great watching for all of us spectators! So much drama!

Our congratulations to Karen and Tomoko for playing so well and coming in third and fourth place respectively. To Kate, what a great effort as our runner up! And to Lori, our Champion for the third year in a row, many congratulations once again!

Our second flight competition was won by Nancy Webster, with Lucy Case in second place and Mandy Hamilton in third. Congratulations to these players, and to all the members who participated. The Club Championship is our only Gross competition, and as a 3-day event, it takes a lot of concentration and commitment to complete.

More importantly, Lori said after the match how much she enjoyed the company of her fellow Club members throughout the event. She warmly appreciated the comradery, the good-natured competition and the support she always feels playing at this Club.

As a Club this is what we strive for. A warm and inclusive atmosphere to enjoy playing golf with similarly minded women, on a beautiful course! Having such an exciting Club Championship is frosting on the cake

From left to right: Lori Van Hove, Kate Nielsen, Karen Cronk and Tomoko Kim

2018 SCWGC Champion: Lori Van Hove

December 2017

What a super Shamble and "Silver Bells" Christmas luncheon we had on December 5th! The weather started off a little chilly, perfect for our yummy breakfast of homemade muffins, (thank you Sharon English!), Cuties (thanks to Veronica Knippler!) coffee, and a "wee" shot of Baileys or Kalua to warm us - a perfect start to the day!

Lots of fun during the Shamble, with challenges galore, and many laughs along the way! Some spectacular golf, some dreadful shots - but we can all agree that we were in excellent company and good spirits throughout!

The luncheon was delicious, the table decorations delicate and gorgeous, (thank you, wonderful Jan Okun!) the members' gifts perfect! So much work goes into to making such an event so easy for us to enjoy. Huge thanks to Sharon English, Linda Reagan, Jan Okun, Karen Yoshihara, Veronica Knippler, Linda Healion and Charbe Benvenuto, for everything they did to make the luncheon and the Shamble so wonderful for us!

A big thanks to Vi McMahon for updating and printing the Members Booklet, and having it available for us at the Luncheon. And thank you to Kathy Clark, our superwoman of 2017! Not only did she head up the Invitational, but she took ownership of our cabinet photos and plaques, the event photographs, the membership name printing on all our envelopes, books and bag tags throughout the year, and was a wonderful support to all! People like Kathy do NOT grow on trees - how lucky we are to have her!

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all, and let's plan on a wonderful 2018!

October 2017 - SCWGC President's Cup

Congratulations to Linda Healion, our 2017 President's Cup Champion! This was a hard fought, 4-day event, and Linda played magnificently! Congratulations too, to our runner up, Stacie Howren, for giving her a run for her money!

Our two Consolation Bracket competitors were very competitive too, and congratulations to Sonia Shalhub for her victory over Vi McMahon!

The SCWGC Invitational, "Fairways by the Sea"
September 26th, 2017

What an incredible day! Such efficiency and enthusiasm of our wonderful San Clemente women. The ladies came from everywhere to be greeted with smiles and a well-oiled "Bag Tag/Cart" team, headed up by Linda Healion. Our very own Vi said, "I've been doing this for years and this was the best run beginning to an Invitational that I have ever experienced." The smiles continued with the Registration team, headed up by Lucy. Great job.

Veronica and Mary conducted their Raffle Ticket sales fast and efficiently, using the "button method". Our guests were quite impressed. Bet you'll be seeing that idea copied! The continental breakfast- a feast - was excellent, as always. Thank you, one and all, for your contributions and participation. Dawn, you are, hands down, the best! Thanks to Jamey for bartending. The ladies loved it!

Did your group make comments regarding the décor on the golf course? Mine did. Kate and Betsy, you're hired! Hobbsie, you are the "bom.com" as Sponsorship Chair. She was Guardian of our signs (never shall they disappear again). Our Jell-O Jelly Fish shots were a huge success, with Debbie's help. Oh, not that she drank any of them!!

Beautiful day in San Clemente for our golf outing. Ladies got to enjoy the "Fairways by the Sea" and understand why we have "Pride of the Pacific".

How about those centerpieces?!! The tables for our luncheon looked awesome. Thank you, Jan, for your creativity and talent. The ladies scooped up our tee prizes and even asked if they could have more than one. Great job, Marianne. Know you spent a lot of time on them.

Hope every one of you and your guests had to go poddy at least once. "Bathroom Décor by Vickie" is the ultimate. Thank you, my friend.

I, for one, was so proud to be a part of the Raffle Reef drawing. With Karen's insightfulness in creating an awesome reef, her organization skills, and Marianne narrating, it was so much fun. A big thank you to Karen Yoshihara and Carol Duda for their help with the payouts for the winners. Made a lot of women happy yesterday!

Sharon English, I would personally like to thank for her cooperation as Treasurer. The end of this big of an event can be a headache to the Chairperson. You relieved me of that.

Thank you to Wedgewood, the Men's Club, the Pro Shop, the photographers, and the Superintendent of the Course, and of course, to all who participated! Please CLICK HERE to see the photos!

Kathy Clark, Invitational Chair